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Beginners (Level 1): this level provides the fundamentals of belly dance. As a beginner student you will learn and follow fun and easy combinations while being introduced to the exotic rhythms of the Middle Eastern world.

Elementary (Level 2): This level is the progression from Beginners. Elementary will provide you the basis for logical dance connectivity. With a wider range of dance repertoire you will be ready to start shimming all through the house!

Intermediate (Level 3): this level is the progression from Elementary. Intermediate focuses on dance fluency. Here you will start speaking the belly dance language. It all starts to come together.

Advanced Technique (Level 4): This level is the progression from Intermediate. Advanced techniques explore and expand on the complexity of belly dance. It masters isolation of movement through dance fluency.

Advanced Choreography (Level 5): This level is the progression from Advanced. Using all the elements from Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced; Advanced Choreography will deliver world class choreographies and performance techniques.

Folk (Level 5): This level focuses on the folk heritage of the Middle Eastern dance, helping you improve your understanding of music and how to interpret it. This class is a fantastic opportunity to increase your knowledge on the culture richness of the Middle Eastern dance and its roots.

Stage Dance (Level 5): Take your dance to the next level! Stage Dance is a level 5 class that gives you the opportunity to participate and represent Belly Dance Adelaide in some of the most prestigious South Australian festivals and events! It is time for a new challenge and a new dance concept! Students in this level must be enrolled or have completed 4 terms of BDA's Advanced Technique level.

Pilates (Open Level): Concentrating on different areas of the body, this class improves muscle elasticity and control. Working in a relaxed and comfortable environment, Stretching and Toning is ideal for those who want to gain muscle control, improve body flexibility and develop range of motion.

Belly Latin (Open Level): Ideal for those who like to spice things up! Belly Latin blends belly dance movements and Latin American music and dance to deliver fun and dynamic dance combinations and classes. Not to be missed!

BellyKids (Open Level): For kids between 5 to 10 years. BellyKids is a wonderful dance program that will teach kids how to dance and follow the rhythm of fun, up beat Middle Eastern music. It will help kids improve body coordination and mind retention. Kids will learn about a different culture and they get to dress up! Lots of fun!