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Belly Dance Adelaide Company is a professional dance company full of passion, drive and love for the Middle Eastern dance. Coming together in 2011, under the leadership of Artistic Director and Choreographer, Bibiana Franco, the Company has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Master Teacher Jillina Carlano (USA), Hadia (Canada) and Jrisi (Australia)

BDA Company has been invited to participate in well acclaimed South Australian events such as the Fringe Parade since 2013 and the Credit Union Christmas Pageant with more than 200,000 spectators.

“Being selected as a troupe to represent South Australia as one of the opening numbers to the Australian production of Bellydance Evolution's Dark Side of the Crown is a great honour and an incredible support of my vision of Belly Dance as a highly recognised art form in South Australia”, Bibiana says.

Bibiana Started her Belly Dance training in the year 2000. Having had the opportunity of being trained in South America, Europe and Australia, Bibiana’s work takes a global spin, delivering dynamic and modern productions.

Being a Colombian immigrant in Australia, Bibiana brings to her classes her natural Latin flavour and combines it with her impeccable dance technique to deliver fun and up beat classes.

Bibiana is a Level 1 Instructor certified by Master Teacher Hadia (Canada) and has had the opportunity to work and learn from Master Teacher Jillina Carlano (USA) and Australian artistes Jrisi Jusakos and Keke. Winner of Belly Dance Evolution Competition in Australia, Bibiana, trained and performed along side the incredible cast. Bibiana has also attended numerous workshops with renowned worldwide instructors such as Bozenka (USA/Cuba), Aziza (USA) and Keti Sharif (Perth) to name a few.

Bibiana is now the Artistic Director of Belly Dance Adelaide Company and the Principal of Belly Dance Adelaide.

Rosaria decided to give Bellydancing a try over 17 years ago, to overcome a fear of dance – and she hasn’t looked back. Rosaria immediately fell in love with this graceful and powerful art form and was amazed at how the body can create a canvas of beautiful movements. Under the guidance and teachings of SA Belly Dance Artiste Nayima Hassan, Rosaria overcame her fear, and quickly developed as a Belly Dance soloist and troupe dancer, and teacher. Rosaria specializes in Oriental Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Baladi, utilizing props such as veils, fan veils and finger cymbals. Over the years, Rosaria has had the privilege of learning from master teachers and performers, some of which include Farida Fahmy (Egypt), Raqia Hassan (Egypt), Caroline (Egypt), Jillina (USA), Tanyelli (Turkey), Jrisi (NSW) and Hadia (Canada). Rosarias adoration for Belly Dance radiates through her high energy classes and strongly believes in teaching correct and thorough technique, to provide the foundations for a students passion of the dance. As a teacher, Rosaria is encouraging, approachable and thorough - eager to share her love and knowledge of this art form. Her friendly nature creates a warm and welcoming class environment.

Teresa has been studying the divine art form of Belly Dancing since 2002 and was formally trained by SA Belly Dance Artiste Nayima Hassan. Throughout the years, her passion for Belly Dance has deepened through further training with international Master teachers and performers such as; Jillina (USA), Jrisi (NSW), Caroline (Egypt), Zeyna (USA) and Liza Lazziza (Egypt). 2014 will be an exciting year as Teresa, as part of the Belly Dance Art Academy Performance team are heading to Sydney to share the stage with Jillina and the Belly Dance Evolution theatrical production of 'Dark Side of the Crown'. An experience she is incredibly honoured to be a part of.

Teresa has a passion for all thing Belly Dance, from the softness and romance of the veil, to the strength and drama of the sword, to Folk styles full of character, you can expect her classes to full of energy, strength and passion.

Marjolein’s 30+ year love affair with Belly Dance has seen her introduce her passion for the dance to thousands of happy students since pioneering the dance in Adelaide. She brings a wealth of experience as a performer and teacher to her classes.

Marjolein passionately believes everyone can Bellydance. Through her gift for teaching, with her clear and easy-to-follow breakdown of technique and choreographies, many have experienced the joy of Belly Dance.

Her  popular classes are always fun and a guaranteed workout. Specialities – drum solos, cabaret, mini- choreographies.

Marianthi has been a professional Belly Dance Artiste for over 10 years, expert in performance, choreography and instruction. Whilst trained in classical Egyptian technique, Marianthi is of Greek heritage.

Well-known as a performer around Adelaide, Marianthi knows how to entertain a crowd whilst staying true to the unique artistic expression that is Oriental dance. Beautifully presented, feminine and dramatic, Marianthi brings a playful yet enchanting spice of entertainment to whatever function you may be planning - as both a soloist and ensemble performer.

As a teacher, Marianthi is warm, energetic and clear in her delivery and enjoys helping her students build confidence and skill through this truly beautiful art form.

Marianthi specialises in all aspects of Oriental Dance Art, including Sword, Veil, Fan Veil, Isis Wings, Finger Cymbals, Saidi Cane, Belly Funk, Bolly-Belly Fusion and Drum/Tabla, as well as Improvisation.

Tanya has been around dancing and music from a young age. Starting with piano and ballet lessons then moving onto ballroom dancing classes. In her mid-teens she was introduced to belly dancing by a friend. She went along to one class and was hooked. Before long she was performing and soon after that she started teaching classes. Now belly dancing has been a part of Tanya’s way of life for half her lifetime. Tanya loves passing on her love of this beautiful dance form to her students. Her fun, relaxed teaching style helps to build confidence in a supportive, caring environment.

Rani, discovered Belly Dancing at a very young age and fell in love with the music, costuming and hypnotising, feminie movements. She was first introduced to Belly Dance by Principal of BDA, Bibiana Franco, and has continued training with her over the last 6 years, also influenced by teachers Teresa and Keke. During this time, Rani has completed a certificate in Belly Dance teacher training with Master teacher Hadia, attended workshops with renowned Belly Dancer and choreographer Jillina, and has been a member of Belly Dance Adelaide’s performance team since the age of 13. Other experiences include teaching children’s hip-hop classes and completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in 2016. From these influences, Rani loves to combine her skills to create high-energy, stimulating classes. Highlights of her Belly Dance career are performing with the BDA troop in Sydney as a support act for Belly Dance Evolution and being regularly involved with stage shows such as the Fringe.